.8" Axinite-(Mn) Crystal - Pakistan

This small axinite specimen displays a hint of translucent purple and yellow luster, with beautifully formed crystal edges. There is very little damage to the crystal itself, though damage can be seen where the crystal was broken free of it's matrix.

Axinite is a subgroup under the silicate group of minerals, with three possible mineral compositions. The inclusive formula, encompassing all possible mineral member combinations, is (Ca,Fe,Mg,Mn)3Al2BSi4O15(OH). The presence of one listed alkaline or transitional element will effect the structure and colors displayed by the axinite crystal. It typically forms thin, sharp triclinic crystals, with colors ranging anywhere from a light yellow-brown to various shades of blue and green. The group name is derived from the Greek word 'axina', meaning axe, to describe the group's bladed crystal habit.
Manganese Axinite
Nausherwani Mine, Pakistan
.8" long, .6" wide