Lot - 70 Gerastos Trilobite Fossils

Typically we just sell retail but over the next week or so we will be making available a number of wholesale lots of inexpensive material for purchase. Please note that these wholesale lots are currently on a pallet being shipped back to our distribution warehouse to shipping maybe delayed for about a week after purchase.

This is a wholesale lot of approximately 70 Gerastos granulosus trilobite fossils quarried near Issoumour, Morocco. They average just under an inch in length and show a lot of surface detail Some are missing a cheek, have some missing shell or some preparation dings but at least most of them look unrestored.

At $450 that is $6 a trilobite. We typically retail similar specimens for $15-25 depending on the size and quality.
Gerastos granulosus
Issoumour, Morocco
Largest 1.2" long, smallest .6" long