1.8" Polished Brecciated Red Jasper Flat Pocket Stone

This is a 1.8" polished, brecciated red jasper flat pocket stone. The term "brecciated" means the original formed rock (jasper in this case) was fragmented by geologic processes. These fragments were then cemented together by a silica-rich solution that deposited agate within the open spaces. The pictures are representative of the specimen(s) you will receive, so there may be some slight variation in patterns and color.

The stone is polished into an oval shape and is rounded on all sides. Polished stones of this size and shape are generally referred to as pocket stones as they will easily fit into a pocket. The pictures are representative to the stone you will receive, but there is some variation in colors and patterning.

Jasper is an opaque (light doesn't pass through it) variety of chalcedony that has been colored due to various mineral inclusions in the stone. In the case of red jasper, the deep red color is most often attributed to iron inclusions. Red jasper is one of the most abundant varieties of jasper and is frequently found in association with large iron deposits.
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Chalcedony var. Jasper
Approximately 1.8 x 1.4 x .25"