7.4" Realistic, Carved Obsidian Megalodon Tooth - Replica

This is a 7.4" long, replica Megalodon tooth which has been laser carved from a solid piece of natural, black obsidian (volcanic glass). The enamel portion of the tooth has been had polished to a glossy finish, whereas the bourrelet (dental band) and root were left rough adding to the realistic look. This replica has been based on a 3D scan of a real, fossil Megalodon tooth and scaled up to the size of the largest known Megalodon tooth.

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Obsidian is a natural, volcanic "glass" that is formed when molten rock cools so quickly that the atoms don't have enough time to arrange themselves into crystals. To form obsidian, the composition of the lava must be high in silica. Depending on the minerals present within this lava along with the speed of cooling, a variety of colorful bands, spots or swirls can appear once the lava has solidified. Pure obsidian is often a solid black color, however impurities can result in small color variations to the obsidian.

Obsidian was important material for many ancient people. It was used for making tools, weapons, jewelry and decorative items. It was a major barter material for Native Americans. When broken its conchoidal fracturing results in extremely sharp edges which made it ideal for making knives, scrapers, arrowheads and spearpoints. It is even occasionally used today to produce surgeons scalpels as the edges are several times sharper (only 3 nanometers) than blades that can be produced from steel.
Replica Megalodon Tooth
7.4" long (measured on slant)
Black Obsidian (Volcanic Glass)