Polished Serpentine Pocket Stones - 2" to 2 1/2" Size

These are 2 to 2-1/2" wide, polished serpentine pocket stones. The photos are representative of the specimen(s) you will receive. They come from a serpentine deposit in Peru and some specimens contain pyrite and/or magnetite, so there may be some variation in coloration, patterns and composition from specimen to specimen. Some of these specimens even have magnetic properties!

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The stone is polished into an oval shape and is rounded on all sides. Polished stones of this size and shape are generally referred to as pocket stones as they will easily fit into a pocket. The pictures are representative to the stone you will receive, but there is some variation in colors and patterning.

Serpentine is the name for a grouping of several related minerals, with the primary members being antigorite and chrysotile. Antigorite serpentine is typically representative of the solid forms of serpentine, of which these forms are typically columnar in structure. Chrysotile serpentine consists of four separate groups which are clinochrysotile, lizardite, orthochrysotile and parachrysotile, all of which have the same chemical composition. The difference between these groups of chrysotile serpentines are their crystal lattice's. There are a variety of other forms of serpentine, however most of them are extremely rare.
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Polished Serpentine Pocket Stone
About 2" to 2-1/2" Wide