Large 14.5" Eocrinoid (Ascocystites) Cluster

This is a large plate of very detailed Eocrinoids (Ascocystites sp) collected near Kaid Errami, Morocco. The largest specimen on the plate is about 4.53" in length and the entire plate is 14.5x10.2". The bright orange and red coloration due the oxidization of iron pyrite is very beautiful and showy. There are some specimens on the reverse side of the plate too. One repaired crack, but you have to look hard to see it on the front side.

Comes with an acrylic display stand.

Eocrinoids were an early group of echinoderms that lived between the Early Cambrian and Late Silurian periods. They had a stalk which attached them to the bottom of the ocean via a holdfast and were benthic suspension feeder which used their arms to move particles of food towards a mouth. They are believed to be ancestral to many other groups including crinoids and blastoids.
Ascocystites sp.
Kaid Errami, Morocco
Kataoua Formation
Plate 14.5x10.2", 5/8" thick
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