38" Plate Of Huge Trilobites (Dikelokephalina & Platypeltoides)

This is an impressive trilobite display piece from the Fezouata Formation of Morocco. This 38 x 20" slab is covered in giant Ordovician trilobites of three different species. There are four Dikelokephalina brenchleyi (with the largest one measuring 10.5" long), a huge Platypeltoides magrebiensis, and five Symphysurus. The shell quality and preparation on this piece is fantastic.

There is very little restoration on the trilobites themselves, though the plate might be a composite of two different pieces. There is a repaired crack on the right side of the plate with where the color of the shale changes slightly. It's hard to see unless you are looking for it. Nevertheless, it is a truly breathtaking piece. We can add a backing and wall mounting hardware upon request.

Due to the size and weight of this piece it will be shipped on a pallet or in a crate via freight. Our website cannot automatically calculate freight shipping costs, so these costs will be calculated and billed after purchase. Please contact us prior to purchase if you need a shipping quote.
Dikelokephalina brenchleyi & Platypeltoides magrebiensis
Ouled Slimane, Zagora Area, Morocco
Fezouata Shale
Plate 38 x 20", Largest trilobite 10.5"
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