9" Plate of Eleven Alien-Looking Jimbacrinus Crinoids - Australia

This is a beautiful plate of eleven (11) Jimbacrinus bostocki crinoid fossils from the Cundlego Formation of Western Australia. These crinoids are 3D and have a very alien appearance. The sandstone is 9 x 7.4" with the largest crinoid fossil being about 2.3" long. There are several areas of repair and gap filling to the rock.

An acrylic display stand will accompany your purchase.

These crinoids are hard to acquire because of Australia's strict fossil export laws, and the fact that the site is under claim, limiting collecting. This piece is part of a lot of unprepared material that was brought into the country decades ago and recently prepared.

Crinoids, sometimes commonly referred to as sea lilies, are animals, not plants. They are echinoderms related to starfish, sea urchins, and brittle stars. Many crinoid traits are like other members of their phylum; such traits include tube feet, radial symmetry, a water vascular system, and appendages in multiples of five (pentameral). They first appeared in the Ordovician (488 million years ago) and some species are still alive today.
Jimbacrinus bostocki
Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia
Cundlego Formation
Sandstone 9 x 7.4", Largest crinoid 2.3"
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