Rare, Stalked-Eyed Cybele Trilobite - Norway

Now this is an absolutely gorgeous specimen of a rare Cybele trilobite. Most people are used to the Cybele panderi trilobites that are found in the St Petersburg region of Russia but few people have seen a BLACK one from the Huk Formation on Norway. This specimen would be about 1.8 long if outstretched and is stunning.

The preparation work on this specimen is superb with just a little shell restoration to the right cheek. The rock these are found in is very hard compared to the soft limestones the Russian ones are found in. This makes preparation significantly more difficult and time consuming. This is only the second Cybele I've seen from Norway and it's a better specimen than the other one.
Cybele sp.
Oslo region, Norway
Huk Formation
1.8" if outstretched
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