Killer Prochasmops Trilobite From Estonia - Super Rare

This is a super rare, Prochasmops ingricus (Schmidt, 1881) trilobite from Estonia. There is also a cephalopod (Suecoceras mishinagorense) preserved on the back of the piece. It has excellent preservation for the location, as the limestones from Estonia are much harder than those in Russia. Just check out those amazing eyes on this trilobite.

There has been some shell restoration along the repaired cracks through the body, and on the genal spines (base of right, tip of left). There is a sealant coating the trilobite hence some of the shininess.
Prochasmops ingricus (Schmidt, 1881)
Lasnamagi quarry, near Tallinn, Estonia
1.84" long (around curve)
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