Oreodont Fossil Bone Pieces (Pre-packaged) - 2 Per Bag

These are real, fossil Oreodont bone pieces from the Oligocene Epoch (~32 Million Years Ago) badlands of South Dakota.

The photos are representative of the two fossil bone pieces you will receive and the packaging that it comes in. It's possible that some bags may contain three bone pieces depending on their size and quality. The bone pieces range from 1" - 2" wide and can come from any portion of the Oreodont skeleton. Some bags may even contain individual teeth or a small jaw section!

Each bag comes with an information card that also has an anatomically correct skeletal reconstruction of an Oreodont that could potentially assist with bone identification.

Oreodonts are an extinct mammal most closely related to camels and pigs. They have no close relatives living today. They were herbivorous, with short faces and fang-like canine teeth. About the size of a sheep, they roamed the plains of North America in huge numbers during the Oligocene period.
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