Incredible Foulonia & Asaphid Trilobite Association - 26"

This is a truly incredible trilobite association from the Lower Ordovician deposits of Morocco. There are six complete Foulonia (a fairly rare trilobite) and an Asaphid trilobite associated together. They are all lined up in a row as if they were following each other. This traffic jam of trilobites may have been caused by underwater currents aligning the bodies of these trilobites, possibly in a depression in the sea floor.

It's a truly spectacular display piece. The trilobites have colorations varying from orange, to rust brown to red. These brilliant colorations are natural and are caused by the oxidization of iron pyrite after fossilization. The entire piece is 26x8" with the largest trilobite being about 2.6" in length. Comes with a display stand.

Several of the trilobites had some degree of restoration, as well as restoration to the matrix to fill in cracks where it the slab was broken during collection.
Foulonia sp. & Asaphic sp.
Ouled Slimane, Morocco
Fezouata Formation
26x8", Largest trilobite 2.6"
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