ALSO - Be sure to check out our large, selection of authentic fossils for sale including Megalodon teeth, trilobites, ammonites and dinosaur fossils.

Trilobite Fossils Megalodon Tooth Ammonite Fossils Dinosaur Fossils
New: FossilEra Customizable Email Alerts
Posted: 08/05/21 02:27 PM : By Matt Heaton
Here at FossilEra we have a huge variety of fossils and minerals arriving at our warehouse all of the time. Our goal is to get them catalogued, photographed, and listed on our website as quickly as possible. That means we add new listings to almost every day, with hundreds of listings being added every week. We have thousands of customers that check the website on a regular basis, so the most popular material tends to sell very quickly.

A frequent request has been for us to provide a way for people to be notified when we add new listings to the website. In response we recently created a customizable email alert system. This allows people to be notified as soon as items they are interested in are listed for sale. It will also help us to know what customers are interested in, so we can go out and find it for them.

2020 Holiday Shipping Delay Update
Posted: 12/12/20 12:15 PM : By Matt Heaton

Every year during the holidays we see increased shipping delays from all shipping providers (USPS, UPS, Fedex & DHL) as the volume of packages being shipped increases. This year these delays are much more pronounced due to Covid.

While we are getting customer orders shipped out quickly, we have no control over delivery delays that may occur. We can not provide any guarantee as to delivery times.

Below are the average delivery delays we are currently seeing on packages we have sent. Keep in mind these are averages, many packages are still arriving on time, while others are taking significantly longer than expected. These delays appear to be totally random.

Domestic (In US)

  • USPS Domestic First Class (Average Delay 3-5 days)
  • USPS Domestic Priority (Average Delay 1-2 days)
  • USPS Domestic Priority Express (Average Delay 1 day)
  • UPS Ground (Average Delay 1-2 days)
  • UPS Express Mail (Mostly On Time)


All carriers and shipping methods are experiencing delays often measured in weeks.

FossilEra & Coronavirus Shutdowns
Posted: 03/24/20 11:20 AM : By Matt Heaton

For some time now FossilEra has been taking steps to protect our staff from Coronavirus.  We installed sanitizing/disinfecting stations in the office nearly two months ago, workers have substantial distance between them and for several weeks now all of our staff has been committed to isolating themselves outside of work unless absolutely necessary.  This has allowed us to continue posting material and shipping orders while minimizing risk to employees and the community.

Washington state has now joined over a dozen other states to put in place “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders.  While we agree this is the correct course of action, it will have a substantial impact on our business. It effectively shuts down much of our company for several weeks.  We should be able to get all current orders in the queue shipped out in the next 24 hours.

We will continue taking orders on our website and we will have a single staff member at our warehouse to facilitate shipping of these new orders.  Depending on the order volume this may mean that we do experience some shipping delays, particularly with large or fragile items that require more packaging time.  

We have a lot of items photographed that are just awaiting the listings to be written.  So we will continue to add a limited amount of new material to the website during this time.  We will still be able to provide customer support both via email and phone.

These shutdowns are particularly devastating to all small businesses who don’t have significant cash reserves and rely on constant cash flow to pay their fixed expenses (payroll, rent, loan payments, etc)  We hope that you will continue to support us and satisfy your fossil fix during these trying times.

New Product - Carved Crystals Skulls
Posted: 10/03/19 03:05 PM : By Matt Heaton

Just in time for Halloween...

We recently received a large shipment, of unique, polished crystal skulls.  These beautiful, decorative pieces have been hand-carved from a variety of stones including quartz, tiger's eyeamethystunakitelabradoritedragons blood jasper and much more.  The sizes range from about 2" all the way up to some life size ones.  The carving work is exceptional and many of them are very realistic looking.    


Crystal Skulls For Sale

Event: Bones & Brews In Monroe, Washington
Posted: 06/05/19 12:31 PM : By Matt Heaton

Come join us July 19th-21st for Bones & Brews outside of our new warehouse location in Monroe, Washington.  Being an online business, we are not normally open to the public. This event will give people a chance to see (and purchase) in person our amazing fossil and mineral specimens in person.  See incredible dinosaur fossils, massive Megalodon teeth and spectacular crystals.  We will be partnering with our local Dreadnought Brewery who will have a beer garden and food available for purchase.  This is a family friendly event and we will have activities for kids like a fossil dig.  View details and let us know if you are coming.

FossilEra - Bones & Brews Event

FossilEra Jobs
Posted: 02/24/19 03:23 PM : By Matt Heaton

FossilEra is the largest online retailer of authentic fossil and mineral specimens. We have a very diverse client base spanning the range of collectors, educational institutions, museums and people just looking for a unique gift. We pride ourselves in not only providing an unparalleled product, but an exceptional customer experience.

We are growing rapidly and currently hiring for several positions listed below. We are always looking for talented, hard working individuals with a passion to fossils and minerals.   

View Current Job Openings

Elegantly Display Your Collection With Floating Frame Cases
Posted: 07/17/18 09:10 PM : By Matt Heaton
Looking for an elegant way to display small fossils and other collectables, be sure to check our selection of floating frame display cases.  The specimens are safely enclosed between strong, clear, plastic membranes. The plastic membrane is flexible allowing for thicker items to be easily accommodated. They can easily be opened and closed to add or remove items  They come with plastic display stands allowing them to stand upright in either a horizontal or diagonal orientation.  
Available in six different sizes ranging from $3 to $10 each.  View Now
Event: Fossils, Minerals & Wine at Davenport Cellars In Woodinville, WA
Posted: 08/23/17 12:37 PM : By Matt Heaton

Come join FossilEra at Davenport Cellars in Woodinville for a weekend to sip and discover! October 13-15, FossilEra will be showcasing stunning fossil and mineral specimens, many of which will be available for purchase. Discover incredible spiny trilobites, giant fossil megalodon teeth, awe inspiring dinosaur bones and deep purple amethyst clusters. There will also be a dig area for kids to search for their own fossils to keep.

Lots Of New Bulk Fossils
Posted: 08/29/16 05:41 PM : By Matt Heaton

Today we added a whole bunch of new types of bulk fossils available for purchase on  These inexpensive fossils make great gifts or educational samples.  There are several types of ammonites, trilobites, fossil shark teeth, corals, gastropods, echinoderms and more.  Check out out bulk fossils section.


New - Killer Megalodon Infographic Posters
Posted: 06/21/16 11:28 AM : By Matt Heaton

We were a little frustrated at the lack of cool fossil and prehistoric animal posters out there, that were both scientifically accurate, but also looked good.  So we recently embarked on a project to design some of our own.   We started off with this cool Megalodon infographic poster which we now have avaible for sale in a 24x36" version, which would look pretty sweat hanging on your wall.  We have two different styles available.  Check them out.  You can also find a shareable online version of these posters here.

Megalodon Poster #1


Trilobite Preparation Sequence - Spiny Koneprusia
Posted: 04/07/16 01:45 PM : By Matt Heaton

It's always interesting to be able to show the work that goes into a well prepared fossil specimen. Actually collecting the fossils is often the easier and less time consuming part than the preparation. This is a beautiful preparation sequence of a very spiny Koneprusia trilobite quarried near Foum Zguid, Morocco.  Despite being only about an inch and a half in length, nearly 130 hours of work went into this specimen under microscope.

Newly Described Dakotaraptor: A Giant Raptor From The Hell Creek Formation
Posted: 10/30/15 12:49 PM : By Matt Heaton

Most "raptors" (Dromaeosaur) were small dinosaurs about the size of the turkey or dog.  For decades fossil teeth have been found hinting at the presence of a gigantic type of Dromaeosaur in the Hell Creek Formation.  Based on the remains of an adult individual discovered in South Dakota in 2005 a new genus of gigantic raptor has been described, Dakotaraptor steini.  The discovery represents the first giant dromaeosaur from the Hell Creek Formation, and the most recent in the fossil record worldwide.

At nearly 20 feet long and sporting a 7.5 inch killing claw Dakotaraptor would have been a terror to any herbivores in its territory.

Drawing of Dakotaraptor by RJ Palmer, produced for Urvogel Games LLC's in-development game Saurian

New Fossil Discovery - “Olive” A Primitive Horse Ancestor From The Green River Formation
Posted: 07/30/15 06:26 PM : By Matt Heaton

In the spring of 2015 the Eocene aged Green River Formation near Kemmerer, Wyoming yielded another amazing fossil discovery.  A fully articulated primitive horse ancestor, since nicknamed “Olive”, was found by brothers Mark and Mike Oliver.  While this locality is known world wide for it’s amazingly preserved fish fossils, they immediately knew they had discovered something very different and special.  Their first move was to call in expert help.

Jason Cooper (who recently discovered “Elvis”, the first complete Torvosaurus), along with Brock Sisson of Dinosaur Dynasty were able to lend a hand.  They share over 30 years to experience discovering, excavating and preparing a broad range of fossils.  While the Olivers knew they had something special they didn’t immediately know what it was.  Jason and Brock were able to quickly determine that they had discovered a primitive horse ancestor, only the second one EVER found in the Green River Formation. 

Olive the primitive horse - Green River Formation


Buyer Beware: Fake Mosasaurus Jaws
Posted: 07/30/15 01:28 PM : By Matt Heaton

The problem of fake and forged fossils is an ongoing issue both to collectors and academic paleontologists, though it certainly isn’t a new problem.  Interest in the prehistoric predator the Mosasaurus has soared due to its prominence in Jurassic World.  

Unfortunately, fake Mosasaurus jaws are one of the most prevalent and widely available forgeries out there.  Hundreds of them can be found all over the Internet, Ebay, rock shops, fossil shows, and I’ve even seen them make their way into collections used for educational purposes.  Most of the time they are sold as being “authentic”, and I actually think most of the time the sellers don’t even realize they are peddling fakes.

Fake Mosasaurus Jaws in Morocco

New Fossils of Jurassic World Page
Posted: 07/06/15 11:38 AM : By Matt Heaton

We created a Fossils of Jurassic World page, dedicated to the fossils we have in are inventory for dinosaurs and reptiles featured in Jurassic World and the Jurassic Park series.  These include teeth from dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors, Spinosaurus and reptiles such as Mosasaurus.  We had to fudge a little bit by including closely related animals by including teeth from all Mosasaurs not just the genus Mosasaurus and from raptors in general not just Velociraptors.  This gives us a much better selection and hey, the dinosaurs in Jurassic World are all hybrids anyways ;)